Felony Domestic Assault Dismissed- St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyer

April, 2015

Defendant was falsely accused of charged with domestic assault in Austin, MN, and due to many prior convictions, faced a felony and multiple years in prison.  The alleged victim manufactured the charges against the defendant.  In a strange turn of events, she claimed that the defendant had punched her several times, and choked her for a full minute, and that all of this took place in their apartment.  Her “injuries” consisted of a minor scar on her chin, and some redness on one cheek that seemed to match the other side as well.  However, the couple had been at a Casino the night before in a different location.  The client stated she had made the same accusations there, saying it occurred in the hotel room attached to the casino, and police responded, but declined to arrest or ask for charges.  With some digging, Alex was able to get a hold of the security reports from the casino.  The reports noted THE SAME imperfection on the chin, and the same redness.  However, surveillance cameras also showed that they got into an argument on the Casino floor, after which she took an elevator up to a room, and the defendant left and drove off in his car.  At no time during the evening hours were they in the same hotel room.  The audacity of making the false accusations in one jurisdiction, and then making them in another when she didn’t get her way, was staggering.  When confronted with hard sought but obvious evidence, the prosecutor ultimately dismissed the charges against the defendant.

If you’ve been accused of Domestic Assault, you need to call an attorney right away because recent changes  in the procedure present a profound disadvantage to the accused immediately. Contact an experienced domestic assault lawyer today.