Felony Weapons Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor

Alex De Marco remains an advocate for the second amendment not only in word, but in deed. Client found himself faced with an aggressive drunk who threatened to beat him up. The client had some special medical concerns that made it particular dangerous for him to engage an assailant in hand to hand combat. He was chased back to his home, where he produced a shotgun and fired one round to scare away his attacker. You might say he took Joe Biden’s advice before it was even cool. Client was charged with Felony Reckless Discharge, a conviction which would have impeded his right to own firearms and which would have greatly affected his employment. Prosecutors offered a gross misdemeanor and wanted some jail time. The Defense boldly rejected this offer. De Marco worked very hard to secure medical documentation and expert review, and prepared fully for trial on a self defense theory. On the day of trial, the prosecutor agreed to a misdemeanor plea, and no jail time. Client will retain his firearm rights, allowing him to maintain an avid hunting lifestyle and maintain his employment. The Law Office of Alex DeMarco is dedicated to obtaining results. Don’t just leap at the first plea offer given to you. Fight for your rights.