Arm yourself against police injustice; get a smartphone.

In 1948, George Orwell wrote his famous “1984″, a novel in which a hyperbolic version of then existing English Socialism watches its society on every street corner, and even in their yards and homes. His writing was prophetic. The persistant conflagration of the Fourth of Amendment is the single greatest threat to your liberty.

What Orwell DID NOT foresee is that, simultaneously, every single “prole” would possess, on their person, a camera which could broadcast any and all footage within minutes of recording. THAT’S OUR WEAPON, and recently, the Supreme Court of the United states affirmed your right to use that weapon to record police activity. Just as the Second Amendment was designed to ensure the citizenry would never be unarmed and helpless against tyranny, so the First Amendment stands for the proposition that the government shall have no monopoly on information, knowledge, memorial, and history. Your weapon in this fight is your phone, and the internet.

When you carry a phone with a camera, you’re not just possessing something fun or convenient. You carry the power to record irrefutable evidence. Keep it charged. Keep it ready. Record EVERY badge, every word. Mount a “go-pro” in your vehicle. Activate it at every traffic stop. Don’t be a victim. Record. Record everything, and tell them in advance and simultaneously that you’re recording. This isn’t a quip. This is important for your liberty and future. Record all authority, and all interactions with them.