DeMarco Advantage

Your choice of lawyer is the most important decision you will make in your case. You need only the best criminal defense lawyer. 

By the time you are charged, the police reports are done, the witnesses are recorded and the state’s work is largely completed.  Your work is just beginning.  It can be overwhelming.  Often people are consumed with despair, anxiety, uncertainty and even shame.

You need a lawyer to look past all that with you and seek the best possible outcome.  This is not the police officer’s case or courtroom.

This is not the alleged victim’s case.  It’s your case, and your courtroom. The file has your name on it, not theirs.

It’s time for you to begin YOUR story

Our approach is a step by step process that has been demonstrated effective in achieving results such as though below.

  • First, we identify the innacuracies and holes in the police reports.  This is essential for simply a basic understanding of conflicting facts, and where we have to go to demonstrate your version of events.
  • Secondly, we identify where the reports themselves fall short in describing the precise crime charged, and how evidence and statements were obtained.  This analysis forms the basis of motions to dismiss the case.  A case may be dismissed if the police reports themselves, even if believed, simply don’t add up to the crime charged.  In other cases, statements and evidence may be suppressed, meaning it can’t be used at trial, because it was unlawfully obtained or because it is not sufficiently reliable or consistent with other evidence.
  • Third, we conduct our own investigation if necessary to generate evidence which supports your story, what you know actually happened. One of the greatest powers a lawyer has is he ability to compel the appearance of witnesses at trial, or have them arrested if they do not show.
  • Fourth, we consult with the top experts in many fields of forensic study with whom Alex De Marco has cultivated close professional relationships.
  • Finally, we prepare for trial throughout the process.  Not every case goes to trial, but every case must be prepared for trial, or plea negotiations and motions have no teeth whatsoever.  Trial is the leverage which results in good resolution that keeps you free, keeps your record clean, or which results in dismissal altogether. Preparing a matter for trial involves more than just challenging the evidence in front of a jury.  The jury ultimately wants to hear a story, not a series of statutes and procedures.  Alex prepares your story in a compelling and believable manner, backed by all the force of law and evidence. This approach has been demonstrated advantageous for clients like those below.