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When charged or convicted of a crime, the information can remain on your permanent record for the remainder of your life. This can cause difficulty with getting a job, finding a place to live, and doing anything that requires a background check to be passed. In other words, any negative information on your criminal record can cause a number of hardships in your life.

If you have been charged with or convicted of a crime, it is important that you seek the representation of a skilled St. Paul criminal lawyer to defend you so the consequences are minimal or eliminated. If you have been charged or convicted and that offense is causing you problems with moving forward in your life, then you may be able to have the offense expunged. However, a number of requirements must be met before expungement can be possibly achieved, and only certain types of offenses can be expunged.

Expert Legal Advice

When you wish to have a charge or conviction expunged from your record, it is best to receive the proper advice because it is possible that the record cannot be expunged. If you were charged and not convicted, then the odds of expungement increase greatly. If conviction occurred, then the court is going to be very strict on its requirements for expungement.

First of all, you have to demonstrate that the record is causing you problems in your life. The crime must also be one that is not a DUI/DWI, aggravated assault, murder, or a sex crime. The crimes that do qualify for expungement depend on the circumstances involved. You must also prove to the court that you have been completely rehabilitated after at least two years have passed since the charge or conviction occurred and that you are not a risk to public safety.

Fighting For The Best Result

It is important to note that expungement is not guaranteed. This is a decision that is completely up to the judge. However, your St. Paul criminal attorney will aggressively fight for expungement so that you can get the job you need or live where you want.

Once the record is expunged, it is no longer accessible to the public. This means that employers and landlords will not be able to see the information. Other than the fact that law enforcement can access the sealed record, it appears as if nothing ever happened when the record is viewed by the public.

Contact A St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have been accused of or convicted of a crime, it can follow you throughout your life via your criminal record. Because of this, you can face difficulties with finding work or a place to live. Through expungement, you can have your record sealed from public view so that background checks appear clean. However, only some offenses are expungeable. If you are having difficulty moving forward because of a mark on your criminal record, it is best to consult with your attorney about possible expungement. To learn more about your options, call The Law Office of Alex DeMarco at 651-705-8829 to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.