Assault Defense Lawyer St. Paul & Minneapolis

A person may be charged with assault if they are believed to have inflicted some kind of bodily harm on another person, touched a person offensively, or threatened to inflict bodily harm. Individuals who have defended themselves against another’s actions have also been accused of assault at times, strengthening their need for a strong defense in court.

If you or a loved one has been accused of assault, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced St. Paul criminal defense lawyer.

With the proper defense, you can effectively fight the charges and achieve the best possible outcome in the case for you. Many times charges can be completely dismissed or reduced so that the penalties are less.

Committed Assault Defense

There are different types of assault charges. Which a person is charged with depends on the specifics of the alleged act. Disorderly conduct, assault with a weapon, a bar fight, a road rage incident, the assault of a police officer, a home invasion, resisting arrest, and domestic assault are all different types of assault. They can result in a person being sentenced to jail or prison and required to pay high fines and/or restitution to the victim(s).

A person convicted of assault may also have to undergo counseling. The judge will determine the appropriate punishments. However, validity of the charges doesn’t mean that they can’t be fought. There may be elements present that warrant a reduction of charges so that the penalties are reduced. There are even times when dismissal is the best option.

Effective Defense Strategies

There are strategies that your St. Paul criminal attorney can utilize in your case. Even if you believe there is no hope in your case, you may be surprised to find that there is always hope in some way. There are options that are available to you and your attorney will review those options with you so that you can make informed decisions in your case. You will also find that you are never alone in these decisions and that you will receive the support that you need to navigate the legal system from start to finish.

As for the common defense strategies that your attorney can use, they include self-defense, an alibi that shows you could not have committed the offense, and credibility. Credibility involves witness statements, police statements, and other pieces of information that may not be credible in your case. Whatever the facts are, your attorney will work with them to create a strong case for you that can get results.

Contact A St. Paul Criminal Defense Attorney

A person can be charged with assault even if they were defending themselves. While there are times when assault did happen and times that it didn’t, people have rights and they need to be protected by an experienced Assault Defense Lawyer. To receive that protection, it is important to call The Law Office of Alex DeMarco as soon as possible at 651-705-8829 to request a free 30 minute consultation.