STEELE COUNTY: Jury Finds man not guilty of Felony Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

Lead attorney:  Alex DeMarco, Criminal Defense Attorney



A defendant in Steele County Minnesota was found not guilty of Felony Assault 2nd Degree with a Dangerous Weapon.   This is Alex DeMarco’s second successful defense of this charge in Southern Minnesota in less than a year.   The defendant was defending his brother from a perceived assault.  In order to end the fight, the defendant presented a knife.  Multiple intoxicated witnesses and multiple versions of events made finding the truth difficult.  Ultimately, however, criminal defense lawyer Alex DeMarco was able to successfully argue that, despite the fact that his brother’s assailant was unarmed and the State was arguing it was excessive use of force, he was in fact defending himself lawfully and justly.  The client was exceedingly happy with the outcome.   If you’ve been charged with a crime in Steele County, Rice County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, Washington County, or anywhere in Minnesota, you should hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Minnesota.  Call today for a free consultation.  651-705-8829.