Diagnosis of “child abuse” in infants is largely junk science and such expertise should not be allowed in court.

People who have been accused of child abuse often hire a lawyer that “confronts” them with the “science” and persuades innocent people to plead guilty.  Instead, a defense lawyer should be in the business of confronting the science itself.  Juries will nearly always believe what a physician says and presume that calling their expertise into question is just a “tactic” by a criminal defense attorney.  Thankfully brave reporters like @Mike_Hixenbaugh have paid attention and produced great investigative work like this:  An ER doctor was charged with abusing his baby. But 15 medical experts say there’s no proof..  How bad is the science?  So bad the the government is trying to silence journalists.  If you’ve received a single call from a teacher or social worker regarding bruises or marks on your child, you need to call an attorney immediately.   It moves THAT fast.  In less than 24 hours, you may see your child for the last time.  Countless termination of parental rights are premised solely on the “expert” testimony of a doctor.